Tools for Selling Photography Online

by admin on June 27, 2010

There are many schools of thought for how to sell photography. Some photographers exclusively do commissioned works (portraits, weddings, school photos) that by nature have a defined customer. Other photographers struggle with marketing their photography as art.

1. Stock Photography – this works best with generic subjects or often-represented images (think beaches, corporate images, etc.) There are stock photography partners who will market your photos to anyone looking for the ideal image. iStockPhoto is the most popular example of stock photography, and with a large enough portfolio, you can make decent money selling stock photos. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms of your agreement; some photography must be exclusive to be eligible for stock sales, etc. This is a great photography tool every serious photographer should have in his arsenal.

2. Retail Photography – you can sell your own prints (at art fairs, in local shops or restaurants) or partner with a retail establishment to sell your photos. You will either need to research local venues for selling art photography (festivals, etc) and evaluate the cost of leasing a space, and make sure to have a tent, a table, and the other items you will need to properly display your work and draw a crowd. The visual impact of having a product already printed can translate to more sales, but you’ll also be out the printing price until your items sell.

3. Sell Photography Online – this option combines the ability to sell your photography at premium art rates, while saving you the cost of printing and displaying your photography yourself. You can upload your photos to an online photo proofing service for a minimal fee and direct customers from your website or in person to this site to view and order your prints. There are many variables that go along with this model, read more about  selling photography online.

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